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Call For Applications – ABC West Africa programme for diaspora and local entrepreneurs interested in doing business in Benin

Applications are now open for the ABC West Africa Programme to support diaspora and local entrepreneurs in the diaspora to grow and expand their businesses to meet economic challenges in Benin.

ABC West Africa is co-funded by the Swiss Cooperation (SDC) and AFFORD UK. ABC West Africa brings together a series of programmes, schemes and initiatives aimed at promoting, stimulating and harnessing diaspora investment opportunities for job and wealth creation. The aim of this is to be a catalyst for the efficient and effective development of the African social economy.

For more information on the criteria, guidelines and how to apply [click to download prospectus]

ABC Diaspora Finance is a major programme within the ABC West Africa programme. It is a blended space offering a combination of grants and alternative financing such as loans and equity.

The programme aims to increase employability and business creation in Benin, through development, business counselling sessions, mentorship and investment to enable them to create sustainable income opportunities.

  • Access to finance
    • You will also have the opportunity to benefit from a cash investment (in the form of grants). 
    • Technical support
    • The programme will provide you with training sessions to allow you to properly structure your business, have a good understanding of your market and master your business model.
  • Access to a network of entrepreneurs
    • You will have the opportunity to strengthen your entrepreneurial and community spirit with a network of entrepreneurs and resource persons from diaspora business professionals who will assist you.
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • Diaspora and local entrepreneurs with an interest in growing their business in, or expanding to, Benin.

ABC West Africa Benin – Call for Applications Timeline 2022

Stage 1 Application open 31-May
Roadshow/ Information Session 2 31 May
Launch website and Online Information 31 May
Stage 1 Applications close 28 Jun
Selection and notificationJul 2022
Stage 2 Applications beginJul 2022
Stage 2 Application closesAug 2022
Selection and notification + Pitching platformAug 2022
Final offer letters are sent to selected entrepreneursNov 2022
Grant period beginsNov 2022

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