About us

Our innovative approach mobilises the financial, intellectual, and political assets of the African diaspora and channels them to drive economic growth and social development in Africa. We also enhance the capacity of actual and potential investors and actively influence international policies to ensure that they address the real needs and root causes of underdevelopment and poverty on the continent.

Our mission is achieved through programmes and projects undertaken solely or in collaboration with partners in Africa, the U.K, E.U and other parts of the world.

These projects and programmes fall within the following overlapping themes:

Enterprise and Employment: At AFFORD, we believe that development is driven by sustainable employment which in turn is a by-product of business development and growth. Even though the diaspora has and continues to contribute to job creation and accounts for huge investments on the continent, we believe that by providing the right framework and support these efforts can be amplified. To this end, we offer business support to fledging entrepreneurs looking to enhance their productivity and grow their business.

We have done this by providing grants and setting up business resource centres in the UK and Sierra Leone; designed to give assistance and impart knowledge to entrepreneurs from seasoned business advisors.

Diaspora Remittances and Investments: Two main projects RemitAid™ and RemitPlus™ have been developed ‘to transform diaspora and migrant remittances into a sustainable form of international development finance’.

Diaspora Engagement and Capacity: We run a series of advocacy, capacity building and engagement events like our annual African Diaspora and Development Day (AD3) which has consistently proven invaluable in garnering support for our work.

Action-Research, Policy and Practice: We work with African governments to develop policies, structures and systems that facilitate optimum contribution of their Diasporas.

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