Return Of The Icons

Return of the Icons is an initiative from AFFORD Institute that explores and takes forward key conversations around African human remains and cultural artefacts held by UK museums and other institutions. It also considers issues around their preservation and protection, as well as campaigns for their eventual return to their countries of origin, as part of a process of leveraging heritage and culture for job creation and prosperity.

The programme has different elements, which are a response to the four pathways for restitution and 22 recommendations identified in the 2020 AFFORD publishes guiding documents in Return of the Icons campaign – African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) (

The elements include:

  • Diaspora Protection and Preservation Network (DPPN)
  • All Party Parliamentary Group-Afrikan Reparations (APPG-AR)
  • Return of the Icons Publications
  • Return of the Icons Facebook Community

The programme is supported by a host of partners in Europe and Africa

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