AFFORD Diaspora Finance

AFFORD seeks to maximise the impact of diaspora financial and skills investment into Africa which has been estimated at between US$17.4 billion in 2018. AFFORD is delivering a number of exciting new investment and financial instruments, as well as a philanthropy/giving platform through which diaspora investment and resources can be mobilised and scaled to support wealth and job creation in Africa.

The ADF programme is shaped by the focus on diaspora investment and employment promoted by African governments, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Addis Ababa Conference on Financing for Development (FFD)

Despite the current estimated US$17.4 billion of diaspora investments, AFFORD believes that by providing the right framework and support these efforts can be greatly amplified. ADF’s Theory of Change reflects this, specifically: that as a result of increased and structured diaspora investment and the removal of barriers (to SME growth, job creation and diaspora investment), new, decent and sustainable jobs will be created, which will result in an improvement in living standards, contributing to lowering poverty rates and improved socio-economic indicators in target countries. Funded by Comic Relief /UKAid through CGI, Pharo Foundation and Noel Buxton Trust, ADF contains a number of programmes.

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