Deconstructing 10 myths on migration

Little words often conceal big truths…

Often, ideas are so widespread that we forget to question them; to the point where they end up justifying behaviours, individual or collective strategies, and even certain policies. And so we know that, whether acting in good faith or bad, policy-makers, the media and/or the general public end up echoing prejudices and stereotypes on migrants and migration.

In the context of growing political and social tension around these issues, and the lack of recognition of the link between migration and development, the Forum des Organisations de SolidaritĂ© Internationale issues des Migrations (FORIM), ICMC Europe, and the working group Migration & Development of CONCORD have decided to tackle the ten most common myths on the subject with the support of ADEPT.

Watch and share using the hashtag #LetsDebunkMythsTogether

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