Gibril Faal

Specialities: International and Sustainable Development; Responsible Business and Social Enterprise; Development, Ethical and Islamic Finance: Migration, Diaspora and Development; Programme Development and Implementation; Organisational Manangement; Corporate Law and Governance; Research and Evaluation; Negotiations and Brokerage; Executive Training and Board Development.

Experience: Multidisciplinary business business and development executive with eclectic professional background; Professor in Practice at London School of Economics (LSE); Director of GK Partners – advisers to businesses, social enterprises, public institurions and international agencies; Vice Chair of Bond – network of UK NGOs working in international development; United Nations expert on migration,  diaspora and development; Former co-chair, grand rapporteur and Common Space moderator of Global Forum on Migration (GFMD);  Former board member of EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI); Since 1998, appointed to public service functions by Home Secretary, Lord Chancellor, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Secretary of State for International Development; Special adviser and international technical consultant to heads of state, heads of government and multilateral agencies; Former external evaluator of COMPAS, University of Oxford; Former postgraduate lecturer, The Open University; Developed UK social enterprise business support practice for Department of Trade and Industry; About 30 years experience as analyst, researcher, trainer, consultant and adviser; Served as trustee on various charitable boards; Magistrate and Justice of the Peace.

Why AFFORD: AFFORD is a pioneering organisation which influenced a genuine paradigm shift in international development. It continues to innovate policies and practices in diaspora-development, whilst influencing public, private, diaspora and civil society across the world.

I am passionate about Africa because: it is possible for the continent to free itself from visible and invisible shackles, as it marches towards a glorious renaissance.