For the last 30 years, AFFORD has strived to demonstrate the global significance of the African diaspora and to expand and enhance its positive contributions to the development of the African continent and the wider world. This has been realised through the actions of ordinary individuals making extraordinary, consistent contributions, from AFFORD’s founders, trustees, staff, resource persons and volunteers, as well as by our many funders and supporters over the last 30 years.

Today, we continue to act as a catalyst and an exemplar in the sector, with our advocacy work contributing to UK and international recognition of the role of the diaspora, and in the subsequent initiation of new policies, programmes, funds and schemes. These initiatives have so far unlocked more than £100 million for diaspora causes and activities. The Africa remittance economy was worth over $US 100 billion in 2022, financing education fees, healthcare costs, day to day living expenses, investments in SMEs, job creation, construction and real estate projects. According to the Migration Policy Institute, remittances have been the most reliable source of financial streams into the Global South and accounts for the largest source of foreign income outweighing Foreign Direct Investment and official humanitarian sources of funding.

Members of the African diaspora make huge contributions to Africa through the remittances and investments they make, the skills and knowledge they transfer and the policy changes they bring about by successful advocacy, the cultural exchanges and engagement which have created huge markets for heritage tourism, African music, films and fashion.

For nearly 30 years, AFFORD has been a pioneer in African diaspora policy and practice, mobilising diaspora resources for decent job creation and enterprise development. As we enter our 30th year we will be taking this opportunity to mobilise new supporters, collaborators and sponsors, deepen, and broker old and new partnerships and raise funds to consolidate our ongoing work. With a mission ‘to enhance and expand diaspora contributions to Africa’s development’.

AFFORD’s 30-year journey would not have happened without the generosity of supporters, donors and friends of AFFORD through precious resources such as time, money and skills. To move us closer to developing instruments that continue to sustain the sector and diaspora impact, AFFORD will need to raise £300,000 over the next 12 months. We will share more on this in due course. Please consider getting us started towards our goal by making a pledge via the link below or by donation.

Thank you for your generosity and continued support.

Donations and sponsorship

If you wish to donate to AFFORD or sponsor anyone raising money for AFFORD, please note that your donation or sponsorship is non-refundable. If you sponsor someone to do any activity for AFFORD, your sponsorship is not conditional on the activity being completed. In exceptional situations we may be able to refund a donation or sponsorship, for instance if there has been an error in processing your card transaction. However, all refunds are at the sole discretion of our Trustees, and we reserve the right to charge an administration fee should we need to. If you have a query regarding any donation or sponsorship, please email us through our contact us page.

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