Diplomats Dialogue For Development

This brief concept paper makes a proposal for the opening of channels of communication between diplomatic representatives of African governments based in the UK and segments of the UK’s increasingly diverse African communities, including civil society groups, businesses, faith communities, etc. Boldly stated, the proposal is to initiate an ongoing series of informal dialogue sessions between African diplomats and the African diaspora with a view to deepening the understanding of different sides’ respective viewpoints and perspectives. The presumption is that we are bound by shared visions for Africa’s long-term, self-reliant, self-sustaining and autonomous development as a key player in an increasingly globalising world. A key aim, surely, has to be the strengthening of Africa’s institutional capacity at all levels of society. To that end, the first challenge is to overcome hurdles created by misperceptions, distrust, lack of understanding, and at best sporadic communication and exchanges.

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