APPG July 2019 Report on visa problems for African visitors to the UK

AFFORD was formed in 1994 by diaspora Africans, to ‘expand and enhance the contribution that Africans in the diaspora make to Africa’s development’. This was a response to the disjuncture between mainstream international development and diaspora action. In its early years, AFFORD had a dual strategy: firstly, engage mainstream policymakers and influence them to understand, accept, recognise and support the extensive development work of the African diaspora; secondly, enhance the development knowledge, skills and capacity of diaspora organisations and individuals. Although much progress has been made in the past twenty years, this strategy is still relevant to diaspora-development. Over time, AFFORD has gained extensive experience and credibility in policy advocacy as well as capacity building. The emergence of the Common Ground Initiative and the Africa-UK programme in 2011 is partly due to the advocacy successes of AFFORD. The charity has used its unique expertise to develop its advocacy training package and to produce this handbook.

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Categories: Learning and Policy Advocacy
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