Survey of African Organisations in London; An agenda for AFFORD’s action

The crisis of African development will not ease unless ordinary Africans, wherever they are, take more responsibility for and control over their own destiny. The African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) was formed to connect Africans and their organisations abroad working for the development of Africa and her peoples directly with organisations on the continent working towards the same goals. A key concern for AFFORD is that, although very active in the development process in their own unique ways, Africans in the west are generally marginalised from development debate and activities initiated by more mainstream international non-governmental and other organisations. Rather than reinventing the wheel in tackling these issues and deciding how best to intervene, AFFORD took the view that the most useful and sensible way to proceed would be to listen to and learn from the existing African organisations, both African-led NGO’s and less formal grassroots organisations about why they were formed, what sort of activities they engaged in, what they perceived as their strengths and weaknesses, how involved they were or would like to be in development work in
Africa, what sort of relationships they had with other organisations, and what their future plans were. Hence this report.

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