Guide To Doing Business in Benin (2020)

This fact sheet, produced as part of AFFORD Business Centre (ABC) services,
provides a roadmap of exciting business opportunities in Benin for existing and potential investors in the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector. It aims to gather useful information and insights that will facilitate business and country operations for the diaspora and other businesses in the Benin market. This ABC Guide to Doing Business in Benin opens with an overview of the country’s economic, political and social context, with basic market insights on the business opportunities that exist in key sectors. In addition to access to finance, which is one of the biggest challenges for SMEs in the diaspora, the guide provides information on useful statutory and private organisations whose functions may have implications for businesses operating in Benin. It provides case studies on some of the situations companies frequently face and the strategies adopted to overcome them successfully. The ABC Guide to doing Business in Benin will be regularly updated.

File Type: pdf
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