Diaspora and Development Ndofor-Tah 2000

This is a report of a piece of research conducted as part of a project entitled, “Target Africa 2015: development awareness, networking and lifelong learning among African organisations in London”. TA2015 was initiated by africa21, a consortium of five UK-based African development organisations. africa21 members identified a need to legitimise, recognise and support the efforts of UK-based African diaspora groups in contributing to development in their regions of origin in Africa. The aim of the research was to set the work of these African diaspora groups against the backdrop of the 2015 international development targets (2015 IDT) around which much mainstream development effort is now organised (see Box 1). To this end the research investigated and documented UK-based African grassroots organisations’ contribution to development in Africa and assessed their awareness of the 2015 IDT.

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