International Customers and Relationships Creative Enterprise Programme

Our ABC Manager Elvina Quaison, alongside our Diaspora Experience Manager, Jacqueline Brown, will be hosting an ‘International Customers and Relationships‘ session as part of the Assembly Hub 15 day intense training programme in Lagos on the 28 September 2018. The Assembly Hub is a diaspora-led organisation based in Lagos which provides business support and advice to creative entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

The Assembly wants to give fashion, beauty and creative entrepreneurs a fresh start with a 15-day intense training program in Lagos called The Creative Class. The training’s are designed to accelerate entrepreneurs in the fashion and creative sector with the essential knowledge and tools they require to start and grow a creative enterprise.

The session will focus on:
– Understanding your global customer
– Why customer service is king
– How to distinguish yourself from your competitor
– Why effective communication is key
– Pathways to selling

If you are interested in registering, please click here. The deadline for registering to participate is 10 September 2018.

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