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AFFORD Diaspora Grants (ADG) supports diaspora initiatives in development by providing grants to enhance their work. ADG aims at creating an independent and stronger continent, by enabling and building the capacity of the African diaspora and African partners to access and mobilise financial resources, develop skills and knowledge needed to become economically self-reliant.

Project Outline:

ADG is managed by AFFORD and delivered in partnership with The Pharo Foundation, Noel Buxton Trust and Common Ground Initiative. Established in 2013, ADG has undergone 5 rounds, funding projects and businesses dedicated to supporting people and communities and solving social problems in Africa. ADG aims to enable diaspora organisations, businesses and their African partners to unleash an entrepreneurial spirit that contributes to an eco-system of social enterprises. The ultimate goal is that these will lead to income generation, skills development, job creation, employment-led growth and solutions to problems while making maximum social impact.

Our latest ADG grants:

  • ADG 1 was a pilot funded by Comic Relief, through CGI Phase 1. The grant provided £2000 for activities that engaged policy makers to influence policy in Africa. Included in the grant was also capacity-building support and mentoring for all grant-holders.
  • ADG 2 grant provided £2250 for small-scale and community activities that contributed to economic development
  • ADG 3 provided £2000 for projects operating on small-scale community and economic development
  • ADG 4 (Ethiopia) provided a maximum of £25,000 for projects dedicated to problem-solving and developing innovative and sustainable social change
  • ADG 5 via our “Diaspora Enterprise Accelerator” part of AFFORD’s diaspora finance initiative. Funded through the Common Ground Initiative, co-funded by Comic relief and UK-Aid

Our Objectives:

ADG’s objectives are to produce employment-led growth and development in Africa.


Noel Buxton Trust

“The Noel Buxton Trust was established by Noel Edward Buxton in 1919 to achieve social and economic progress in Britain and throughout the world. For over eighty years the Trust has supported organisations promoting social change and improvement and has long supported charities working in Africa and charities working with families and with prisoners in Britain.” – (Taken from their website).

The Pharo Foundation

“The Pharo Foundation was established because their passion for Africa’s potential to create thriving economies and to prosper. The foundation focuses on working with people with the potential to become economically self-reliant. As per their new strategy and operational modality, they lead the design and implementation of large-scale integrated livelihoods programmes initially in Ethiopia and Somaliland.”

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