Migration and Development Partnerships is a coalition of agencies working together to promote good governance of migration and mobility within territories that send and receive migrants; mainly between West Africa, North Africa and Europe.

The goal of MADE is to

  • Create avenues for multilateral and stakeholder dialogues
  • Enhance the capacity of civil society and national authorities to encourage intra and inter-regional mobility
  • Create awareness of the socio-economic benefits of migration
  • Maximise the impact of remittances by increasing nations’ knowledge of and outreach to their diaspora by creating the necessary environment for the development of innovative cooperation frameworks between the diaspora, development NGOs, national/local authorities and the private sector;
  • Promote civil society’s participation in labour migration governance to protect migrant with specific focus on fair and safe recruitment practices.

Activities are structured around five main components:

  1. Research
  2. Capacity-building through training workshops
  3. Intra- and inter-regional multi-stakeholder dialogues
  4. SDG progress assessment
  5. A sub-grant scheme

Project partners

Funded by the European commission and ran by ICMC Europe, MADE is a collaboration between the Centre for Migration Studies of the University of Ghana (CMS), the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) and the Forum des Organisations de Solidarité Internationale Issues de des Migrations (FORIM) over a project period of 3 years (2017 – 2020).

MADE will make use of the extensive research conducted by CMS Ghana as evidence for the development of programs that will facilitate labour mobility for development within ECOWAS

Project partners FORIM and AFFORD both have established and make use of networks of diaspora–led organisations and civil society organisations which focus on integration in Europe, the expansion of a diaspora-development framework and the building of development partnerships in Africa.

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