A core part of AFFORDs work has always been to ensure awareness among the diaspora global community and in decision making spaces of the important and impactful role the diaspora play regarding Africa’s development. We have seen the outcome of our advocacy in the form of a platform being created called ADEPT which is a network created in Europe to gather and coordinate African diaspora organisations across Europe.

AFFORD was privileged to have been the secretariat of the network and are happy to see it established in its new home in Brussels. We have been very active in participating and contributing to high level decision making in the UK through the APPG Diaspora, Development and Migration as well as by having a seat and sometimes taking the podium at UN High level meetings focused on migration and other similar policy changing interventions.

Our current project MADE West Africa is actively working at helping create a migration policy in the countries focused on that is reflective of modern movement patterns and enhances the economic industrial needs of the countries included in the project. AFFORD has also added its voice and presence in the humanitarian space through its partnership project DEMAC, looking at the humanitarian response of diaspora organisations and identifying ways to enhance their presence and contributions in the humanitarian space.

There is so much work being done and to be done, at the heart of it all it is essential the diaspora is aware of these policy initiatives that can have an impact on what they do and enable them to have a voice. Africa Diaspora and Development Day – AD3 our annual community event is one of the ways that we are able to stay connected and keep people informed.

  • MADE
  • Publications – Gibrils and others videos giving speeches at high level events
  • AD3
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