Advocacy and policy: The core of what we do is actively raising awareness of the role the diaspora can and should play in driving Africa’s development. Our work has resulted in a number of initiatives that we are proud to be associated with.

APPGDDM: We have actively influenced key policies and raised awareness of the contributions made by the UK’s diaspora to the UK and their countries of origin through APPGDDM.



Investment, Enterprise and Engagement:

At AFFORD, we believe that sustainable development is driven by sustainable employment which in turn is a by-product of business development and growth.

Even though the diaspora has and continues to contribute to job creation and accounts for huge investments on the continent, we believe that by providing the right framework and support these efforts can be amplified.

To this end, we offer business support to fledging entrepreneurs looking to enhance their productivity and grow their business.

We have done this by providing grants and setting up business resource centres in the UK and Sierra Leone, designed to give assistance and impart knowledge to entrepreneurs from seasoned business advisors.

Engagement and Networks:

ADEPT: Currently based in Brussels, ADEPT is an organisation created to manage African diaspora activities and groups across Europe. We were privileged to have served as the secretariat of this institution.

Made West Africa: Through this project, we are helping create a migration policy that reflects modern migration patterns and enhances the industrial needs of countries involved.

DEMAC: As an implementation partner, AFFORD works at improving the capacity of diaspora organisations in providing humanitarian aid.


Publications: In advancing the diaspora agenda, we have produced or contributed to a number or reports, articles and briefs you’ll find listed below.

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