Olayinka Ewuola

Specialities: Finance, Sales and Marketing, Business Development and Entrepreneurial practice, Food, Nutrition and Education.

Experience: I am a business owner, and I am a director a Food and Nutrition Consultancy where I have led on Business Development, Sales and Marketing. Having obtained a 1st Class Degree in Economics, I began my career in Investment Banking; First in Derivative operations and then in Bond Originations. I have extensive experience as a speaker and trainer and have lots of experience and interest in leadership and governance and have taken up school governance roles.

Why AFFORD: Because African’s future, success and destiny can and should be shaped by Africans at all levels, and AFFORD plays a vital role in supporting that future success. Both in civil society and commerce, job creation and the development of innovative financial and business practice, AFFORD is facilitating and shaping an exciting and dynamic future for Africa is creating a vision of the future that I am want to be a part of.

I am passionate about Africa because: I am African. Having been born in the diaspora, Africa is still very much my home and the success of all of us is linked to Africa’s success.

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