Ndidi Njoku

Specialities: Finance and development specialist, with focus on the role of the Diaspora, migration, enterprise development, and regulatory infrastructure.

Experience: I’ve worked across various industries in the financial sector and development arena, within European, Middle East, Africa, and in UK gas and electricity infrastructure. This has provided the opportunity for me to participate in various specialist discussions and negotiations such as, at the United Nations, World Bank, the International Organisation of Securities Commissions and the European Securities and Markets Authority, the European Commission and European Council.

Why AFFORD: AFFORD captured my interest several years ago due to its innovative and pioneering can-do approach in facilitating sustainable job creation in Africa. AFFORD was one of the first NGOs to discuss the beneficial role of the African Diaspora and advocated to ensure that African Diaspora had a voice in mainstream discussions on migration and development.

I am passionate about Africa becausee: As a member of the Nigerian Diaspora and having visited Nigeria and other African countries, I see the tremendous potential in the continent. I believe that its only a matter of time until this potential is realised. I’m passionate about encouraging further connections between the developed and developing countries to facilitate economic development.

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