Martin Osengor

Specialities: Customer service, Storage and Archiving, Space Management, Health and Safety, Logistics, Strategic planning, Event management, Fundraising and resource management, Facilities management and Community relations.

Experience: A pro-active, service led change activist with over 25 years’ experience; 12 years of service as a Trustee at AFFORD, focusing on building community liaison building important linkages between the African diaspora and Africa. Through the delivery of universal health coverage, wellbeing and International development initiatives.

Why AFFORD: I am passionate about AFFORD, because AFFORD has been at the forefront of Institutionalising and mainstreaming the continued impact the African diaspora is having both in their communities and Africa.

I am passionate about Africa because: Africa is diversely blessed with cultural capital that the world can tap into to achieve sustainable development. I am passionate about mainstreaming Africa’s talent and resources in the context of sustainable development agenda.

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