Katharine Baxter


Specialities: Katharine has extensively studied development challenges facing African countries, focusing particularly on the environment and migration/security. Her specialities include research, written communications (blogging and journalism), event organising and leadership.

Experience: Katharine completed her Undergraduate degree in Environmental Science, with a specific focus on climate change and the impact it is having globally on people and migration. Furthermore, in her Master’s Degree of International Relations: Global Security and Development, Katharine focused on the political challenges faced in Sub-Saharan Africa when tackling migration and environmental challenges. Her dissertation examined the role of NGO’s in considering environmental factors when undertaking poverty alleviation projects. Katharine also undertook an internship with UNICEF during her studies, blogging on current affairs and environmental issues facing young people around the world. Hoping to bring all of this knowledge into a practical environment, Katharine began working with AFFORD in July of 2018.
Education: MA International Relations: Global Security and Development (Plymouth University), BSc Environmental Science (Plymouth University)

Why AFFORD: AFFORD undertakes development from a completely different angle to anything that I have seen or studied before- working practically with the diaspora and with those on the continent to enact real and effective change. The business-focused side of AFFORD is an area that is new to me personally, but it is one which I am really enjoying learning about and which is proving to be an incredibly useful and positive way to undertake development in Africa.

I am passionate about Africa because: It is a continent which faces huge challenges both internally and externally, but through both personal experiences and through my studies I have learned how much depth there is to each individual country and how much potential for growth Africa holds.

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