Jacqueline Brown


Specialities: Jacqueline has been working with African businesses for the past 7 years in the creative sector. Her specialities include events management, project management, business start-up and development, consulting, international public speaking, qualitative research, content writing and the creative arts.

Experience: With a background in the creative sector working with the international fashion industry for nearly 20 years, Jacqueline has not only developed her network in the ethical and sustainable fashion community but has also built her own creative enterprise since 2011and grown a flourishing network in the African fashion community where she facilitates business trade opportunities for those in the diaspora community and friends of Africa. Jacqueline brings her knowledge in networking, project management and consultation, business development and coaching and her expansive love for Africa and belief in the development of the African opportunity to her work with AFFORD.

Education: MSc Social Research (University of Huddersfield); MA Ethical Fashion (UCA Epsom); BA Fashion (Surrey Institute of Art and Design)

Why AFFORD: I have had a resounding interest in working with the Diaspora and creating opportunities for them to trade with and give back to the Continent through business trade and investment. I have seized the opportunity to transition from a career within the creative arts to one within development BUT with a focus on Africa. I recognised from having previously sat on the Steering Committee for AFFORD’s program ‘Africa GIVES’ that AFFORD is totally invested in positive development in Africa and seeks impact. AFFORD effectively creates platforms for the Diaspora to give back to Africa in a variety of ways and gain experience whilst doing that. AFFORD Is a forerunner in job creation, development work and Diaspora engagement in the UK for Africa and it is a pleasure to be part of this vision.

I am passionate about Africa because: Africa is my heritage and to fully know oneself is to understand where you are and where you are going. Every time I enter the continent I am constantly overwhelmed by the presence of the place, I embrace the entrepreneurial mind-set and the energy and am captivated by the opportunity there. Africa has a strong future ahead, and my passion is to be a part of the exciting new African narrative that has evolved.

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