Haja Bally


Specialities: Digital Communications; Copy Writing; Newsletters; Events Organisation; Translation

Experience: Haja has extensive experience working as a Communications professional in the third sector in the UK and in West Africa. She leads on AFFORD’s general Communications and Engagements activities. In the past 3 years, Haja’s work at AFFORD focused mainly on coordinating and delivering communications for the ADEPT project, a network of African diaspora organisations based in 30 European states that are active in development across a range of sectors in 54 African states. Haja previously carried consultation work for the BBC and IHS Markit and worked at Rosa, The UK Women’s Only Fund, at the Royal African Society and IRock! a social enterprise providing mentorship to young black women in the UK.

Education: MSc Global Politics (Birkbeck University); BA Media, Arts and Communications (University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis)

Why AFFORD: I knew about the work of AFFORD before joining and jumped on an opportunity to work for the organisation as soon as I could as I completely embrace its Pan-African approach and vision to put Africans at the forefront of Africa’s development.

I am passionate about Africa because: Being from Timbuktu in Mali, It’s mainly as a young adult that I realised the greatness of my culture, history and heritage. From then I felt I had so much more to learn about Africa and Africans and therefore working in an African context became more than just a career goal but also an opportunity for personal growth.