Specialities: Elvina has been project managing diaspora focused projects for over 18 years. Her specialities also include research, events organising and public speaking.

Experience: Elvina has worked with Diaspora organisations for over 15 years. In 2011 she managed projects for AFFORD assisting Diaspora contribute their skills and knowledge by volunteering in Ghana. She also managed a project facilitating Diaspora entrepreneurs’ goals of setting up a business in Africa, specifically Ghana. Following this work she followed suit and lived in Ghana for over three years. Elvina brings her knowledge and deep interest in the UK African Diaspora to her work with AFFORD.

Education: Qualifications (you can add in institution where comfortable): MA Diaspora and Migration Studies (SOAS), BA Social Policy and Sociology (Essex University)

Why AFFORD: AFFORD does development differently, it listens to people in the continent and works with them, from the grassroots to decision makers, and then identifies ways to assist. AFFORD recognises the unique and impactful position the diaspora holds and works to maximise the positive aspects of the diaspora while addressing some of the challenges. AFFORD’s way of working makes sense to me and that is why I and many others globally commit our time, resource and energy to the work of AFFORD.

I am passionate about Africa because: Africa made me and so no matter where I go or what I do I have a love and responsibility to Africa the continent and its people. The energy and enthusiasm I get when I visit African countries lets me know that all the work is worth it and just motivates me to keep going!

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