Riana Development Network: Eliminating poverty one household at a time


In partnership with AFFORD, our organisation addressed issues of food insecurity and poverty of 38 households within the Nyanza province in Kenya.

This province has the highest HIV prevalence in Kenya resulting in households that are headed by women who have lost their spouses or by children orphaned by the disease. With the loss of their breadwinners, these families were in dire need of food, clothing, healthcare and education.

Our project also targeted farmers in this community who had limited skills and resources to develop their farms and so had insufficient food supply and no sustainable income.

To help ameliorate the situation Riana Development network provided these households with a breeding stock of goats as well as training in administrative skills like record keeping and the use of a financial cooperative. The milk and meat from the livestock met the nutritional needs of these families, while the sale of milk, goats and pelts improved their financial security while their newly acquired skills in record keeping and administration raised their confidence in themselves and in their ability to run successful businesses.

The local farmers also benefitted from our efforts in livestock development, which increased their potential for higher amounts of sustainable income.

Through this initiative, these women and farmers have formed a corporative to help them manage their animal stock and other associated food insecurity issues in partnership with the local administrators.

We are excited about the prospect of building a farmer’s cooperative society that will seek to provide long term financial stability for farmers so they can diversify their income streams.

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