The Migration and Diaspora Podcast

adminJan 20, 20211 min read

Our executive director Onyekachi Wambu was recently a guest on Loksan Harley’s series on Migration and Diaspora – sweet spots for us. In this long listen, hear Onyekachi connect the dots of his own journey. After talking about his childhood in post-independence Nigeria and his subsequent migration to the UK, Onyekachi deconstructs the “African diaspora”, providing his own conceptual framework to define who they are and to explain the different…


Giving Back to Communities of Residence & of Origin

adminDec 7, 20201 min read

We are delighted to make this very important work available as part of our resources. AFFORD’s Gibril Faal and Onyekachi Wambu provided information on remittances, and “valuable insights into the issues under study.” It’s available here.


Diaspora Investment to Help Achieve the SDGs in Africa: Prospects and Trends

adminNov 19, 20201 min read

Governments and the private sector have traditionally viewed the diaspora as both ongoing providers of financial capital at the micro level, and, as consumers. While recognition of the diaspora’s role in ‘doing development’ has grown, and the diaspora are increasingly…


Black History Month UK

adminOct 24, 20201 min read

For #BlackHistoryMonth2020 Facebook and we at AFFORD are proud to celebrate a day of recognising where we are as a #diaspora, where we want to go and how we can get there collectively. In this digital world social platforms offer…


Racial Justice & Restitution

adminSep 2, 20201 min read

Open Society’s Mai Lynn Miller Nguyen recently spoke with Onyekachi Wambu, our executive director, about why the restitution of cultural heritage is so important. Bring Them Home What is restitution, and what are the goals of the movement behind it? Demands for…

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