HIRDA-UK/SOMALIA: Empowering Women, Transforming Communities

HIDRAUK/SOMALIA: Empowering Women, Transforming Communities The decline of the Somali state after the civil war redefined the socio-economic roles played by Somali women.
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The decline of the Somali state after the civil war redefined the socio-economic roles played by Somali women. With so many men dying, injured or simply losing interest in their marriages, women have had to take up the responsibility of caring for their families and working their way out of poverty.

Though Somali women are at the forefront of Somalia’s slow renaissance, the country’s improving economy has not benefitted them. They have limited access to land, finance to grow their businesses and are disproportionately affected by poverty, violence and discrimination.

Despite this situation, female entrepreneurs generate and promote business growth, provide sustainable employment and increase trading activities in the Somali regions.

That’s why in collaboration with our office in Somalia, we’ve made it our mission to empower these business women so they can positively effect change in their families lives and in their communities.

The grant we received from AFFORD helps us provide female entrepreneurs with loans to help them expand their businesses, receive tax exemptions and security from the local governments. They also benefit from protection from clan leaders as well as business advisory services so they can make their loan repayments.

We are extremely proud of the women we’ve worked with and celebrate how their new economic security causes a ripple effect of positive change: where future generations are educated, where the quality of their families lives are improved, where they believe in themselves and their ability to run businesses on their own and where their success stories inspires and generates more entrepreneurs.

The funding we receive from AFFORD makes a world of difference in the lives of these women and we look forward to building a future where women continue to empower and transform lives.

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