Why the headline focus on job creation?

According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, 8 million new people come onto the job market every year in Africa, south of the Sahara. AFFORD mobilizes the diaspora and other partners to support and invest in sustainable small and medium scale enterprises that will generate wealth and jobs and respond to this employment agenda.

Our approach incorporates:

  • Wealth creation rather than poverty reduction
  • Developing enterprise models that can be easily replicated, scaled up and are sustainable/profitable in the medium to long term
  • Working in partnership with others

‘Wealth creation’ rather than ‘poverty reduction’

We believe that jobs and economic growth should be at the heart of the war on poverty, not aid and debt relief. To borrow the old proverb, too much of current development assistance, gives people fish rather than teaches them how to fish. We believe in harnessing the diaspora and other partners to invest, time, money, know-how, to help power the engines of wealth creation that will produce self-sustainable and profitable communities, instead of communities waiting for the next aid cheque.

In other words, we want to support the creation of communities where people, particularly the young, are gainfully employed, have a stake in those societies and where productive activity leads to a self-sustaining virtuous circle.

This means unlocking the entrepreneurial spirit in Africa, and minimizing the barriers, be they educational, bureaucratic, political, cultural, which hinder creativity and enterprise. Particularly at a time when the state in Africa is shrinking, we believe that the private sector, especially a revitalized and dynamic, small and medium sized sector, will be the key engines in terms of generating jobs and driving of economic growth.

Talking the talk and walking the walk

AFFORD does not believe in saying one thing, and doing another, so we are deeply committed to this enterprise agenda, and have reorganized ourselves into a social enterprise so that we can be more entrepreneurial and self-sustaining in everything that we do.

Working with you?

AFFORD’s strategic goal until 2008 is to mobilize African diaspora communities/groups in the diaspora to invest their financial, intellectual, political & social capital to create/support small, micro & medium sized enterprises (SMMEs) that focus on providing employment opportunities for young people in DRC, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda.
If as an African organization, business, or young African your activities or plans do not fit into this enterprise and wealth creation focus, it will be difficult for us to provide any support, given AFFORD’s limited human and financial resource capacity. 
Please see read very carefully below what we are able to do in support of your work. Queries that ignore the guidelines below are unlikely to receive an answer

Dos and Don’ts at AFFORD

1. Can AFFORD provide funding or support me in raising funds for me or my organisation?

    • WE DON’T provide funding or support of any kind for fund raising

2. Will AFFORD form a partnership or collaborate with my organisation?

    • WE DON’T do email or virtual partnerships.
    • WE DO enter partnerships that are based on relationships and usually grow organically out of work we are engaged on.

3. Can AFFORD link me up with other African organisations?

    • WE DON’T link or recommend organisations through email or phone.
    • WE DO provide on our website a database of UK African organisations engaged in African development work. The database lists the work areas engaged in by the organisations and also the country and geographic area, providing a valuable source of information for those looking to know what UK-based African organisations are doing. Organisations not already on the database are encouraged to submit their details.

4. I need general information on the African diaspora, can AFFORD help me?

    • WE DON’T provide general or bespoke information on the African diaspora
    • WE DO have a resource area on the web where we store what materials we have on the diaspora. We also have other resources in the African Diaspora Development Resource Centre (ADDARC). The resources are organised in 6 categories: Inside AFFORD; Enterprise Africa; Resource Mobilisation & Capacity Building; Migration & Development; Releasing Our Own African Diaspora Stories (ROADS); UK Based African Organisations. Those seeking information on these areas are welcome to book time to use ADDARC.

5. Does AFFORD have any vacancies?

    • WE DON’T respond to unsolicited requests for employment
    • WE DO post any vacancies on our website or advertise them widely through our networks. We are unable to arrange work permits.

6. I want to volunteer at AFFORD?

  • WE DON’T arrange visas for people to come from outside the UK & EU. We don’t pay volunteers a salary.
  • WE DO regularly offer opportunities for interns and volunteers who have the right to live, work, and study in the UK. We provide lunch and reasonable travel expenses to our volunteers.

7. Can AFFORD help with my academic research?

    • WE DON’T research or write academic research on behalf of students or other researchers
    • WE DO have expertise on particular aspects of migration & development, particularly with reference to the African diaspora. Much of this information is in the download area of our website or in ADDARC – our resource centre. Following an appointment, we will also conduct one-on-one interviews, particularly if the focus of the research has the potential of improving understanding of core areas of AFFORD’s work.

Last updated: September 2012

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