Development Impact for Nigeria: Creating business owners in Ishefun


Development Impact for Nigeria is an international development NGO that provides advocacy and community development support to individuals, self-help groups and professionals working with socially excluded communities in Nigeria.

Our organisation believes that with a job or a source of income, people are set free to live their best lives.

That’s why supported by AFFORD, we worked with low income earning women in Ishefun-giving them vocational training in a number of industries like shoemaking, soap-making, tailoring and sewing so they can become economically independent.

In all, over 60 women gained practical technical knowledge on the production process and received business and micro start-up advisory services before they set up their own small businesses.

The length of the training programs (at least 3 months) boosted their confidence in their ability to produce and gave them invaluable insights on how to package and market their products effectively.

The skills these women have acquired allows them to support their households, has improved their standards of living and encouraged trading activities within their communities.

The socio economic potential of this project is huge and we plan on rolling out this framework in other low income communities. We also plan on setting up a vocational centre and community cooperative/hub that would offer business education, advice and support as well as a cooperative microloan scheme for women. The future truly is promising.

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