Bunyoro Kitara Development: Disability is not inability

Bunyoro ADG Pic (2)

For disabled women in Uganda, breaking out of the cycle of poverty is near impossible. With little or no formal education, these women are unable to gain steady employment which means no education for their children, zero access to good healthcare and poor standards of living.

This challenge is what the Bunyoro Kitara development association worked at erasing by providing 15 disabled women with skills that enabled them to be self-sufficient and financially independent.

Based in the Masindi district which is within Bunyoro region, the project aimed at training disabled women in tailoring/ hairdressing and bookkeeping. It also equipped them with sewing machines (for those undertaking the tailoring workshops) and hair dressing toolkits: a hair dryer, oils, relaxer, weave & combs. We also train them in basic business and financial management skills.

For women like Rose, Robina and Jenitha, this project gives them access to tools that they would have ordinarily been unable to afford which accords them the dignity of financial freedom.

With continued support from AFFORD, Bunyoro intends to open a resource training centre in Masindi so more disabled women can acquire the skills they need to thrive.

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