Join Our Team!

AFFORD is looking for a Resource Person and a Communications Assistant to join our team and support our work with African Diaspora Organisations based in the UK.

Resource Person ( Deadline 22 March 2018)

This role lends itself to a resourceful professional with some marketing, communication and promotional skills. You will engage with potential donors, diaspora organisations, and businesses around the diaspora sector to raise awareness on the DFI program and maximize the fundraising income from individual donors and ad hoc events. Your main aim will be to increase AFFORD’s diaspora engagement via philanthropy and support diaspora organisations to raise funds via our Diaspora Crowdfunding Campaign.

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Communications Assistant (Deadline 01 April 2018)

The ideal candidate must have a strong interest in marketing and communications, a particular interest in website development and be keen to develop strong administrative as well as specialist communications and marketing skills. You’ll need to be a quick learner, able to listen but also able to demonstrate lots of enthusiasm and initiative so you can hit the ground running in a busy and productive team.

Read the Job Description here