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AFFORD Diaspora Finance (ADF) brings together a series of programmes, grants and services aimed at promoting, stimulating and harnessing diaspora investment opportunities for jobs and weatlth creation.


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Africa has always been described as a rich and beautiful tapestry in every facet of life. She is also rich in opportunity, knowledge and innovative ventures. At AFFORD we describe social enterprise as a paradigm that merges commercial strategies to benefit improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than revenues for investors.

Social enterprises can be set up as a ‘for-profit or non-profit’ venture, and be a co-operative, mutual organisation, a social business, or a charity organisation.

There is universal acknowledgment in the development community that poverty cannot be overpowered without encouraging enterprise and realising broad economic growth.

At AFFORD we believe in social enterprise initiatives and it is at the heart of our working ethos and projects.

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