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AFFORD Diaspora Finance (ADF) brings together a series of programmes, grants and services aimed at promoting, stimulating and harnessing diaspora investment opportunities for jobs and weatlth creation.

Here you will find reports on events and projects from AFFORDs portfolio of work. Click on the titled document for your downloadable copy.


 Conference report

  •  Remitplus Report 2012         Download

Summary: The RemitPlus™ project produced a number of resources, which were used to support both senders and receivers of remittances. The project has produced a business plan, indicating how the pilot project can be developed and enhanced as part of a replication and development process.


  • Impact Funding through the Diaspora Conference Report 2012           Download

Summary: The conference was part of Africa-UK, a nationwide programme that aims to increase the contribution of the diaspora to Africa’s development by promoting dialogue and engagement between UK-based Africans involved in development on the one hand, and policy makers on the other.


  • Impact Funding through the Diaspora Conference Report 2012 (Key Findings)           Download

Summary: With challenges, successes and lessons highlighted throughout the conference, and with next steps by AFFORD, Comic Relief and DVA committed to strengthening the relationship between funders and the diaspora, the following summary of all recommendations and proposals highlighted in this report could be a starting point.


  • Diaspora Influencing (Case Study)                 Download

Summary: Case Study on the work of the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) in shaping discussions and debates around the contribution and potential of the African diaspora and in bringing these to the attention of mainstream development.


  •  Launching Rwanda’s Diaspora Bonds: Report of the UK Diaspora Consultation Mission      Download

Summary: The purpose of the delegation was to explore the possibility of working with Rwanda, as it prepares to issue a successful Diaspora Bond. The delegation was a direct result of discussions held under the aegis of Africa-UK, as part of its diplomatic engagement meetings between the diaspora and representatives of African governments in the UK.