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AFFORD Diaspora Finance (ADF) brings together a series of programmes, grants and services aimed at promoting, stimulating and harnessing diaspora investment opportunities for jobs and weatlth creation.


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African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) is a pioneer of the concept of ‘diaspora-development’.

Founded in 1994, the charity was responding to the disjuncture between mainstream international development and diaspora action. At the time, international development policymakers in donor countries and multilateral agencies did not understand, accept or recognise the nexus between effective development in Africa and the substantial and substantive action of the post-cold war African diaspora.

Early priorities were decidedly innovative, bold, profound, credible, practicable and ambitious responses to the prevailing disjuncture between mainstream international development and marginalised diaspora action. Thus in demonstrating the multiple dimensions of the diaspora input in the development of host and countries of origin, AFFORD set out its mission “to expand and enhance the contribution that Africans in the diaspora make to Africa's development”