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AFFORD Diaspora Finance

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AFFORD Diaspora Finance (ADF) brings together a series of programmes, grants and services aimed at promoting, stimulating and harnessing diaspora investment opportunities for jobs and weatlth creation.

How we do it


AFFORD challenges the scarcity of ambition, mediocrity and underachievement that so often characterise development interventions in Africa. As a catalyst, the charity develops sound concepts, implement replicable pilots and advocate amongst decision makers; to produce plural options and opportunities for ordinary Africans to achieve their innate potentials, within a framework of responsible private action.


Our mission is pursued through programmes, projects and activities undertaken solely by the charity or in collaboration with partners in Africa, the United Kingdom, European Union and other parts of the world.


AFFORD's projects and activities fall within the following overlapping programme themes:


• Enterprise and Employment in Africa AFFORD continues to deliver and support the diaspora on a number of projects and initiatives that supports and creates enterprise and employment in Africa.


• Diaspora Remittances and InvestmentsWithin this area of our work, AFFORD developed two main projects. RemitAid™ and RemitPlus™ with a vision ‘To transform diaspora and migrant remittances into a sustainable form of international development finance’. 


• Diaspora Engagement and Capacity AFFORD runs a series of advocacy, capacity building and engagement projects, programmes and events including our ever popular annual African Diaspora and Development Day (AD3) which to date has proved invaluable in garnering support for our work and solicits a diverse audience of AFFORD supporters.


• Action-Research, Policy and Practice AFFORD continues to be at the fore on international development issues. We work with African governments, developing policies, structures and systems to facilitate optimum contribution of their diasporas. We also play a formal role providing leadership, sharing experiences, providing new thinking for international development agencies globally.


Strategic Priority
AFFORD’s current priority projects and activities are on diaspora contributions to job creation through enterprise development in Africa. The charity is playing a pioneering role in this area, through its range of innovative schemes.


AFFORD has a wide network of partners and has collaborated with diaspora groups, think tanks, Universities, international organisations, funding agencies, banks, trade associations, governments, political parties, civil society and community groups, NGOs and other institutions, agencies and organisations across the world.